American Investment Management Group

Registered Investment Advisor.  Value Added.

We are here to help you to create your wealth and increase your income from investments. Growth of your personal income is our primary motivation as of "Fee Only Investment Advisor".  Simple process:

  1. Needs Analysis - From information that you provide, your advisor learns about your current assets, anticipated expenses, goals, and risk preferences.

  2.  Portfolio Engineering - Our technology providers help to design a diversified asset allocation of institutional-style money managers that is customized to your goals.

  3. Securities Selection - Professional money manager with independent strategies selects your securities.

  4. Monitoring and Re-balancing - We aim to keep your current portfolio consistent with your target asset allocation.

  5. Ongoing Communication - Your job is to tell us when your situation changes. We will consider changes to your needs, goals, desires, and priorities and will recommend appropriate modifications when needed.


Investment Professionals with International Experience.

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