Almost Full / Complete List of Investments and Investment Mechanisms (US)


NOTE: a) this is not exactly a classification, b) some positions may have alternative names and repeat

Cash Money in your lock-box or bank safe deposit-box (in your national currency or any other currencies);

Bank Products;

Stocks (Common, Preferred), Depositary Receipts

Rights, Warrants

Employee Stock Options (Non-qualified Stock Options, Incentive Stock options)

Publicly Traded Stock Options

Investment Companies (Face Amount Certificate Company, Unit Investment Trust, Management Companies)

Business Development Companies

Funds (Mutual Funds / Open End, Exchange-Traded Funds, Exchange-Traded Notes, Venture Funds, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Common Contractual Funds, Fund of funds, Index Funds, Investment Trust, Offshore funds, Pension Funds, Royalty Trusts, Umbrella Funds, SICAVs, Unit Investment Trusts / Closed End Funds, Unitized Insurance Funds)

Annuities (Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities, Combination Annuities, Index Annuities /Equity Indexed Annuities), Subtypes: Life Annuities /Straight Life/Pure Life, Life Annuity-Period Certain, Joint and Last Survivor Annuity, Unit Refund Annuity, Mortality Guarantee, Operating Expense Guarantee, Installments for a Period Certain, Installments for a Fixed Amount)

Retirement / Pension: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP-IRA), The Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employee (SIMPLE), Qualified Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, 401(K) Self-Employed Plans, Top-Heavy 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan, Roth 401(K) Plans, Keogh Plan / HR-10 Plan, 403(b) Plan / Tax Sheltered Annuity Arrangement (TSA), 457(b), Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans, Payroll Deduction Plans, 501(c)3 Plans, .

College Saving Plans: Coverdell-Education Savings Accounts /Educational IRA /Tax Favored Trust/Custodial Account, 529 College Savings Plan or Qualified Tuition Programs Plan (Prepaid Tuition Plan, College Savings Plan);

Foreign exchange (FOREX, FOREX Options also see Futures)

Alternative currencies: Bitcoin, Auroracoin, BitConnect, BlackCoin, BurstCoin, Dash, Dogecoin, DigitalNote, Emercoin, Ethereum, GridCoin, IOTA, LiteCoin, MazaCoin, Monero, Namecoin, NEM, Nxt, , Omni, Peercoin, PotCoin, PrimeCoin, Ripple, SixEleven, SwiftCoin, Synereo, Titcoin, Ubiq, Vertcoin, Zcash, Web Money, etc.

Alternative & Complex Products / Derivatives (Forward, Futures, Futures Options, Swaps, Options) / Hybrids (Collatarized Debt Obligations, Credit Default Swaps, Exchange-Traded Derivatives, Commodity futures, Security Futures)

Robo Platforms

Money market: Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Papers, Banker’s Acceptances, Federal Funds, Repurchase Agreements, Eurodollars, Variable Rate Demand Notes,

Bills (Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds), Treasury Inflation Protection Securities, Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal Securities, Treasury Receipts, Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds, Stripped Treasuries (STRIPS), EE Saving Bonds, Bonds (Series Bonds, Term Bonds, Sinking Fund, Serial Bonds(Baloon Maturity), Funded Debt, Corporate Bonds (Closed-end Mortgage Bond, Open-End Mortgage Bond, General Mortgage Bond, Equipment Trust Certificate, Collateral Trust Certificate, Collateral Trust Bonds, Guaranteed Bonds, Debentures, Subordinated Debentures, “Junk” High-Yield, Fallen Angels), Government Bonds, Municipal Bonds/Notes (General Obligation Bonds, Limited Tax Bonds, Revenue Bonds, Double-Barreled Bonds, Brady Bonds, Yankee Bonds, Indenture /Bond Indenture/Trust Indenture/Protective Covenants / Special Assessment Bonds/ Special Tax Bonds/Lease Rental Bonds / Lease Revenue Bonds / Leaseback Bonds/Industrial Development Bonds/Moral Obligation Bonds / Build America Bonds/ Low quality bonds, Income / Adjustment Bonds, Parity Bonds, Zero Coupon Bonds, Callable Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Collatarized Mortgage Obligations, Planned Amortization Class, Municipal Notes (Tax Anticipation Notes, Revenue Anticipation Notes, Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, Bond Anticipation Notes, Grant Anticipation Notes, Construction Loans Notes, Demand Notes, Tax-exempt Commercial Papers, Municipal Bond Unit Investment Trusts,

Capital Markets: Equity Instruments (Common & Preferred Stock, Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Mortgages (Freddie Mac Participation Certificate, Collatarized Mortgage Obligations)

Options (Call, Put, Horizontal Spread, Vertical Spread, Diagonal Spread, Call Spread, Put Spread, Straddle, Combination)

Stock Index Options (Index Options, Broad-based Index Options, Narrow-based Index Options, Volatility Index Options, Interest Rate / Yield Based Options, World Currency Options, Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities,

Insurance (Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life, Variable Life Insurance (Scheduled (Fixed) Premium Variable Life, Flexible Premium Variable Life (Universal), Universal Variable Life Insurance

Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Flipping Houses, Lease Options on Real Estate, Storage Units) / Real Estate Direct Participation Programs

Real Estate Investment Trusts (Equity REIT, Mortgage REIT, Hybrid REIT)

Land, Raw Land, Farm Land, Timberland

Water Rights, Fishing Rights, Airspace rights, Mineral Rights, Cell Power Leases;

Accounts receivable financing ( factoring)

Sport Team



Oil & Gas Partnerships (Exploratory Drilling Programs, Developmental Drilling Programs, Balanced Drilling Programs, Oil & Gas Income Programs), Subtypes: Overriding royalty sharing arrangement, Disproportionate sharing arrangement, Subordinated working Interest, Functional Allocation sharing Arrangement); Equipment Leasing Limited Partnerships;

Master Limited Partnerships, Series LLCs


Tax Liens, Municipal Liens, Housing Tax Credits



Pension Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Film (Movie) Production, Film Tax Credits


Network Marketing

Angel Investing

Private Placements


Small Business Lending

Structured Settlement

Peer-to-peer lending

Pay day Loans

Title Loans

Parking Lots

Web-sites, Domain Names, URLs

Luxury Valuables & Collectibles (Arts / Coins / Cars / Jewelry / Diamonds /Precious metals (Palladium, Platinum, Gold, etc.) / Wines /Antiques / Stamps / Planes /Airplane Leasing, Yachts)

Carbon Credits /Clean Energy Tax Credits



Non-for profits

Quasi investing schemes via Off-shores / Tax Heavens / Special Tax Zones


Intellectual Property (Patents, know-how, copyrights, trade marks)

Own business / Entrepreneurship





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